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christopher fowler

Energetic Artisan


An artist of many mediums

Art is the language of the subconscious. Its encrypted language hides insight and wisdom that words often fail to articulate. It can be the doorway to the realms of the archetypal energies. An image or form can hold the power to impress upon and impact your soul and alter your very expression of self.

This is my focus and intention regarding the mandalas I draw by hand. I aim to encode the fundamental architecture, or geometry, of an intention within the structure of the mandala. This imbues the drawing with its own potent medicine that works upon the subconscious body of the viewer. This is the beginning of the magic that is then followed by tens of hours of meditation during its creation. My interaction with the external distills to the tip of my pen, the last dot and its relationship to the next. I fall into a deep rhythm as the design and coded intention flows onto the paper. Be sure to check out my portfolio for examples of recent works and contact me with any inquiries regarding commissioning your own, personal piece.

A unique medium I work with is the medium of meditation. A very special type of magic is created when a person allows their soul to become both the canvas and the paint. Incredible worlds and mystical realms exist within every person, housing and hosting fragments of their conscious soul and subconscious traumas that patiently (and sometimes impatiently) await reintegration. This type of creation is dynamic and interdependent, it’s a true microcosm of the greater reality of the collective human experience, an honest Co-Creation. Vulnerability and Honesty are necessary ingredients for any experience to begin to take shape, and when partnered with Courage and Faith the journey moves into the realms of the divine where true healing and transformation takes place.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” - C.G. Jung


What am i talking about

Behind the scenes of every session with me is a transfer of healing energy that flows from me to you. A current in me turns on when it senses a need, and, while working with you, I direct this energy to the parts of your soul that call out for it.

During the call I will guide you into hidden worlds existing within your soul where the subconscious self speaks in Symbols and Images. It is a true co-creation where you, your Highest Self and I will work together to uncover and heal deep emotional wounds, energetic blockages, parasitic cords and More.

I will hold the space you need and guide you down the path that is revealed. I will be with you when it gets dark and dense. I will help you to transmute lead into gold. I will help you to construct the energetic protections necessary for navigating the world while maintaining energetic health. What comes to light and what worlds you may find yourself in is ultimately up to your highest self, your willingness to see to what it wants to show you and your ability to experience without judgement.


When we first connected it felt like an outpouring of golden light, that I could actually see and feel. I almost forgot what I was going to talk about in our session. The energy he transmits is gentle and soothing. I could trust and relax as if we know each other really well. The process was surprisingly easy to follow, I even did not realize my innate abilities to see and feel so clearly. Things popped up so obvious to me, all that was ready to be released at the time. And the best thing is I look different, I feel more grounded and connected, safe and powerful, I see the light in my eyes when I look in the mirror and began really love myself, eventually. Thank you, Chris, for this opportunity to heal, open up, release and be seen! It’s a wonderful gift.
— Natalia Gubina
Truthfully, I’ve been having trouble finding words to describe my session with Chris. I didn’t know what to expect, but I knew I was in need of some major grounding and centering to get the courage to leave a job that made me miserable and follow my passions that light me up. Chris and I met over the phone, yet he somehow held the space for me to open up, unravel, dig deeper, and keep digging as if he was sitting right there beside me. When it got hard, he was right there. I felt supported, safe, seen, at ease…all of the things you want to feel when your vulnerability is at an all-time high. To put it as simply as I can, Chris has a gift and it’s hard to explain it with words until you experience it, but experiencing it will be one of the best things you’ve ever done for yourself. I had my session with Chris on a Monday and I put in my two weeks notice to leave my job one week later. That’s the power and magic of just one session with Chris. I already can’t wait for the next and I’m forever grateful that our paths crossed the way they did.
— Elizabeth Newell
Chris sets the space for deep transformation in a safe and embracing way. This is the first time i have worked with a man doing this type of energy work, and I felt so comfortable and seen. This alone set the foundation for magic to happen even before the call started. Our work together felt like excavating energy blocks, moving the energy and releasing it. To sum it up into one word — POWERFUL
— Isabel Restrepo